Via HYPEBEAST - Brooklyn-based eyewear staple CONTEGO have applied an alluring love-at-first-sight narrative to endorse its latest SPRING 2013 Commercial. Set in the Big Apple, the star-crossed lovers are seen strutting through the neighborhood, sporting neo-classic streamline frames from its spring collection. Taking pride in quality manufacturing, each acetate frame is handcrafted with innovative designs that blend traditional profiles with modern iterations.

Directed by Robbie Barclay
Music by Party Supplies


The reception to our newest SS12 Collection has been amazing. There is something for everyone in this new offering. Our avid fans can find something new and the newly converted won’t take off their new CONTEGO frames. What more could you want? A video lookbook….. well here you go!

The SS2012 CONTEGO Video Lookbook documents a beautiful day in Brooklyn as we find a series of missed connections can be linked back to 1 thing…their CONTEGO Eyewear.

Special Thanks To:

Brandon Kuzma
Cindy Hetzel
Louis Colon
Soraya Yd
Griffin Whitehead