W Hotels’ Global Glam challenges designers to capture the modern lifestyle of three new trendy W Hotels through fashion. The designers will pay homage to the fusion of rural and urban lifestyles at the W Taipei, the free-spirited, bohemian culture of W Austin and the medley of traditional and neoteric trends at the W Mexico City.

Capturing diverse spheres of contemporary culture, CONTEGO classic style, ‘The Kipling’, has been re-imagined with design influences from each Global Glam W Hotel. For W Taipei, sharp red frames play to the vibrancy of the Taiwanese city. The eclectic W Austin will be home to country-inspired woodgrain frames. And an eye-catching green twist on a classic tortoise design can be found at W Mexico City.

The W Hotel inspired frames feature the same CONTEGO quality and style, with a global influence to keep things fresh, these exclusive W Hotel frames are a great excuse to travel and definitely worth the trip.